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Theme Park

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The Goonies Theme Park


Welcome to The Goonies Theme Park!  Located in Astoria, OR we've developed the longest rollercoaster ever, spanding 1 mile, some smaller rides, a ferris wheel, and private tours assigned for the Astoria Meglar Bridge.  Included is 100% all day access to walk the shore of the Columbia River.  Lifelike late Gothic century housing gives you a feel as if you're in a different world.  Last but not least we have a hot air balloon, which extends over everything in site.  The spectacular view makes the hot air balloon ride the most popular, we're sure you'll agree!  We're greatly awaiting your visit, so drop by soon...there's another world just waiting to be visited out here!


Adults                                   $29.99

Children (6-12yrs)            $24.99

Senior Citizens                   $24.98

Students (I.D. required)  $24.97

*Goonies never say die!