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So Many Prizes!


Prizes will be awarded to the bowlers bringing in the most pledges.  Top prizes include:

- Free private tour (1 family) of the Walsh House

- Room at Goonies  Suites and dinner for four at Willy’s Wasteland

- Autographed Goonies Cast photo

- Limited Edition Doubloon prop from the film (1 per prize)


Join us for fun and wacky games involving skill, luck, or both.  Prize packages will be awarded to the winners of various games involving either: skill, goofiness or luck.  Some of the prize packages include:

- Dinner out for a year! - Enjoy dining at these great restaurants: Willy’s Wasteland, Mikey’s Tavern, Mouth’s Bar & Grille, Data’s Sushi Hut, and Chunk’s Cheesecake Factory!,

- Childs Party Package!   What a great way to celebrate your child's next birthday:  Bowling and mini-golf at Goondocks Lane, Pizza party at Mike’s Tavern, and Birthday cake from Chunk’s Cheesecake Factory!

- Movies for a Year!   Enjoy movies at Glowing Goonie Theatres with a pair of passes each month for a year!

Additionally, all participants are eligible for prize drawings that occur throughout the event.

Adults                   $5/game
Children (-18)    $3/game

*Goonies never say die!